Author: Kate Janelle

Pilot Institute Review 2024: Is It Really The Best Online Ground School Today?

Looking for Pilot Institute reviews 2024? Then you’re in the right place. The photography industry is no longer limited to handheld cameras. Drones have become popular today as they enable you to capture scenes from a different perspective. But, is drone flying as easy as it seems? What about the Part 107 test? In this

Flytographer Review: Best Vacation Photoshoot Service for Travellers? (2024)

Welcome to our Flytographer review for travellers! What if you wanted to take vacation photos, but don’t want to carry around a DSLR? What if there was a way to easily find and book skilled local photographers when you travel? You’re in luck. There is a way. It’s called Flytographer. Flytographer is a platform that

Peter McKinnon Tattoos: The Secret Meaning Behind His 11 Significant Tattoos (Revealed!)

What Do Peter McKinnon’s Tattoos Mean? (Revealed!) People have different ways of appreciating and showcasing art. Some sing, others write, and there are those who love getting inked. Peter McKinnon, a well-known creative, is one of the many artists who proudly wear various tattoos as an expression of art. Pete is always known to have

What Camera Does Peter McKinnon Use? (His Favorite Photography Gear Revealed!)

Look: Many aspiring photographers and filmmakers likely have heard and learned from Peter McKinnon, and pretty much everyone wonders: What camera does McKinnon use in 2022? What are his favorite lenses? Why does he love his current Canon companion so much? And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. Peter McKinnon, a popular photographer