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Enchanted Fairies Review: The Ultimate Magical Photography Experience for Kids!

Enchanted Fairies Reviews 2024 - Is Enchanted Fairies Legit?

Let’s face it:

Kids are very curious and their imaginations could run wild – even believing in fairies and magical creatures.

But what if you could turn your kids into beautiful fairies and brave little warriors so that they can have the experience of a lifetime?

In this Enchanted Fairies review, you will learn:

  • what is Enchanted Fairies
  • what are their services
  • how much it costs
  • and how to book a photography session with them

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Enchanted Fairies Review (Summary)

  • Website:
  • Founder: Dan Gutier
  • Location: Plano, Texas (but is also in multiple states across the US)
  • Product Type: Photoshoots for kids
  • Location: 20 states and cities
  • Pricing: $25 per child (with extra charges for add-ons)
  • Recommended: Yes

In the past when someone says you need to have your photos taken at a studio, it used to be for a formal event or for ID card photo purposes.

But that’s no longer the case.

Today, photo booths/studios have evolved from being the boring room for taking pictures.

There are now creative rooms where you get to enjoy backdrops and settings that will take you to another location (in your photos).

Enchanted Fairies stands out in a sense that they focus on portrait photography for kids, with a magic touch, and they do it at the high quality level.

Your child will have the chance to live the dream of becoming a fairy or a brave warrior, even if just for a day. 

Dan and the team put their best efforts to make sure that your kids have the best experience of their lives here.

Who Is The Owner of Enchanted Fairies?

Before we check their services and products, let’s get to know the people behind these amazing photography studios first.

So, who is the owner of Enchanted Fairies?

It’s easy to think that a young woman is behind this cute kiddie studio.

But the truth is that Enchanted Fairies was founded by Dan Gutier – a creative artist from Mexico. His mind is set on creating a space where you can let your imagination run wild. 

He is a photographer, but he was also engaged in other artistic stuff like life-casting, creating artwork with resin and polymer clay, and a lot more. This is where he got the idea of opening up a new experience for children in the US. 

When he moved to the States, he barely had anything – only $12 to his name. But that didn’t stop him from turning his dream into a reality. And because of that, he has made thousands of kids happy across the USA. 

Today, he is running several Enchanted Fairies studios with the help of his sister Aileen, and her sister’s husband Christopher. It has become a family business and it’s growing in numbers and locations continually. 

Enchanted Fairies Locations

Right now, you can find Enchanted Fairies studios only in the US – particularly in 20 states.

Here’s a list (you’ll need to select the location at the top of their website):

If you’re ever in one of these locations, you can book your visit ahead of time.

Since they are in demand and they want you and your kids to get the best experience, walk-ins are not entertained. You need to reserve your time spot to experience the magic inside the studio. 

What Is Enchanted Fairies About?

Now, it’s about time you learn what this studio is all about. 

Just what are Enchanted Fairies sessions?

In the simplest terms, it is a themed photo studio for kids. The set-up looks like something straight out of a fairytale book with all the props and costumes. 

This is where you get your kids’ photos professionally taken (with magical effects!).

Plus, they get the ultimate experience of dressing up as fairies and warriors, getting pampered by the studio staff, and walking on a red carpet like celebrities – all the good stuff they can only imagine before. 

But, that’s not everything about Enchanted Fairies. Aside from giving children a wonderful portraiture experience, they also give back to charities, particularly the Kidd’s Kid organization. 

This is a special foundation for children with life-threatening and life-altering health conditions. They send the child and his/her family to Disneyland to experience the magic despite having these conditions.

At least, one of their dreams can turn into a reality and Enchanted Fairies is helping them finance the trips by donating the proceeds of the studio. 

So if you are planning to book a session with them, feel comfortable doing so.

Not only will you make a core memory for your child, but you can also take part in the charitable cause promoted by Enchanted Fairies. 

The Experience in Enchanted Fairies

So, now we’re at the part where you’ll learn if the hype about this magical studio is worth it. Check out the full experience you can expect from these guys below. 

  • Booking/Appointment

The first thing you need to do if you want to indulge in the experience is to check their website and schedule an appointment. They call it an “invite”. You’ll be sent one containing the date and time after you fill out this form:

Once you have your invitation from them, you can proceed to the location. 

  • Dressing-up

At the studio, your kids will get full access to their wardrobe which includes costumes for fairies, knights, warriors, tiaras, wings, and even pixie dust! 

However, the shoes are not included. Kids can go barefoot inside the studio, though. 

  • The red carpet experience

After changing into costumes, you will have the chance to take photos of your little ones on the red carpet. Since you won’t be allowed to take photos inside the actual studio, the team at Enchanted Fairies made sure you can have your moment with your very own fairies and knight. 

You can take as many pictures of them as you want as long as they are still on the red carpet. But, you will only be given 15 minutes to dress up and walk on the red carpet. So make sure you don’t make your kids stay too long outside the studio. 

  • Inside the studio

This is where the magic happens!

With the exquisite magical set-up, not only will your child feel like stepping into the mystical world, but it will also make them feel as beautiful and as handsome as they can be. 

The photographer is highly trained so that your little ones can be their best self while getting their shots taken. 

By the way, your children get to choose which themed studio they want to go into. There’s a warrior room, a unicorn room, the famous enchanted forest room, and many other options. 

The official photo session will take 30 minutes. 

  • Wrapping up

You will be given 15 minutes to wrap up. That includes returning the costumes and props to the dressing room. This will end up the experience inside the studio. 

Enchanted Fairies Pricing (Packages)

Without a doubt you wonder:

How much does an Enchanted Fairies photoshoot cost?

That depends on what type of service you use. Since they are affiliated with several charities, they often offer promotions for as low as $25 per child.

Along with the full experience, you will also have a limited edition 8×10 print that will be delivered to your doorstep. This will only be available once every 365 days per family. 

100% of the proceeds from the $25 per child fee will be donated to one of their affiliated charities.

That’s why you only get to take one photo with you. But you can throw in a few extra dollars if you need more photos. 

So, how much does Enchanted Fairies charge on a normal session?

Without a charity event, the rates start at $200. Although it’s a bit pricey, they promise you will have something worthy of that money aside from the experience.

For instance, they have provided hand-crafted oil paintings by classical artists with that package previously.

However, the artist they are associated with is in high demand and won’t be able to do the job for about 2 years so they have suspended offering that with the package for now.

Do inquire at their individual locations about the Enchanted Fairies pricing packages just to be sure.

Is Enchanted Fairies Legit? Worth It?

Common questions people ask are:

  • Is Enchanted Fairies legit?
  • Are their photography sessions worth it?

Yes, Enchanted Fairies is a legitimate business. And for the ultimate kid’s dress-up dream, they are certainly worth it.

Here’s an Enchanted Fairies review by Gonzalez Twinsis (just one of many happy customers):

Not only will they feel beautiful and handsome externally, but they will also have a memory they can never forget as part of their childhood. 

The experience, the fun, and the photos that you can take with you will be proof that they once lived the life of fairies, even for just an hour. That can already mean so much for a child. 

NOW, I’d like to hear from YOU:

  • Are you planning to book a session with them soon?
  • Have you already tried their services?
  • Any Enchanted Fairies photography reviews you wanna leave?

Let us know in the comments section below! 

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