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Nomadic Matt’s “How to Become a Travel Photographer” Course Review

Nomadic Matt Photography Course: How to Become a Travel Photographer! (Review)

Welcome to my How to Become a Travel Photographer review!
(An 8-week photography course created by Nomadic Matt and Laurence Norah)

Jan 2020 Update:

Unfortunately, the course will be closing down soon and will no longer be available to new students.

So… ACT FAST and join the course today!

Also, if you’re interested in learning about Superstar Blogging instructed by Nomadic Matt himself, then you can still join here.

Look, I’ll keep this intro short and get straight to the point.

If you want to learn:

  • how to take awesome photos whether you’re travelling or not, and,
  • how to crush it with your photography business,

… then I highly recommend the How to Become a Travel Photographer course.


First of all, because this course was created by 2 influential travel bloggers:

  • Matt Kepnes aka Nomadic Matt (founder), and,
  • Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe (photography instructor).

These names ALONE should make you want to jump to the course right now!

Here’s the kicker:

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to become a better (travel) photographer.

Now, let’s have a quick summary before moving on:

How to Become a Travel Photographer (Review)

  • Course Name: How to Become a Travel Photographer
  • Website:
  • Founder: Matt Kepnes
  • Instructor: Laurence Norah
  • Product Type: 8-week masterclass on photography
  • Best For: Beginner-intermediate level
  • Price: $99 (with money-back guarantee)
  • Rating: 97/100
  • Recommended: Yes!


Truth is that I love both Matt’s and Laurence’s websites/content.

I was super excited to hear that Matt built his own Superstar Blogging Media School and partnered with world-class pros to create the courses that deliver.

I mean…

We’re talking about Laurence Norah here, an award-winning photographer whose work was featured in places like National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet (among others).

I myself learned a lot from him, like:

  • framing,
  • rule of thirds composition,
  • how to deal with challenging light,
  • photographing people the right way,

… just to name a few.

(And believe me, Laurence WILL awaken your passion for photography.)

Bottom line:

How to Become a Travel Photographer is one of the most interesting, useful and practical courses you’ll ever come across. 

Best of all?

There’s no waitlist, you can work at your own pace, there’s life-time access and it’s totally affordable.

(In my honest opinion, receiving an 8-week masterclass for just $99 is a steal!)

==> See for yourself if this course is a good fit for you.

About Matt Kepnes and Laurence Norah

In here, I wanted to give you a background on creators of the course (in case you don’t yet know who these guys are).


Matt Kepnes: 

Matt Kepnes, aka Nomadic Matt, is one of the leader travel bloggers of our time, a NYT bestselling author and a founder of Superstar Blogging Media School. 

He started his blog in 2008 and he’s so influential that he’s been featured in major newspapers like:

  • BBC,
  • CNN,
  • Fox News,
  • New York Times,

… among many others.

Having gained major experience as a travel blogger, he founded SuperStar Blogging (Nomadic Matt Media School) to help others achieve success in the travel niche, while doing what they love.

Laurence Norah:

Like Matt, Laurence also is a huge travel blogger, founder of and an award-winning photographer, whose work was featured in major publications like:

  • BBC,
  • Lonely Planet,
  • National Geographic,

… just to name a few.

In fact, he was named as one of the top 10 travel photographers by USA Today!

When you join the course, you’ll realize that it’s not a question of gear but rather about having the right mentor, learning the simple concepts and mastering the basics that’ll improve your photography.

Point is:

Matt and Laurence worked together to create a top-quality online photography course to help beginners take better photos at their own pace.

How to Become a Travel Photographer (Course)

Now that we’ve established who the creators are, let’s talk about the course itself.

First things first:

You don’t have to have any previous experience in photography, nor do you have to have a fancy, expensive DSLR.

Laurence will teach you how to take better photos even if your smartphone is ALL you use. (In fact, there’s an entire topic around mobile photography).

Point is…

You’ll learn about simple concepts that’ll help you improve your photography. Add to this dedication and practice, and you won’t believe what kind of photos you’ll start to take.


The structure of the course is unit based, meaning that every new week you’ll be covering a new topic be it about editing, mobile photography, or photography business.

Along the way, you’ll be getting Laurence’s feedback and answers to the questions that you had.

This way, by the end of the course, you’ll know how to use your camera and how to succeed as a photographer.

Best of all?

==> You’ll have lifetime access to the entire course and any future updates.

(Which means that you can study at your own pace.)

The Structure of This Photography Course


How is this course structured?

Earlier I mentioned that “How to Become a Travel Photographer” is an 8-week masterclass and that it’s unit based (every new week covers a new topic).

But what exactly to expect? Let’s break it down here by weeks.

Week 1: An Introduction to Photography

In your first week, you’ll be introduced to the very basics of photography.

You will learn:

  • how to choose the right camera,
  • which lenses and accessories you’ll need,
  • understand how your camera/DSLR works and how to set it up,
  • mastering the depth of field.


Even if you’ve never had any experience with photography before or don’t even have a camera yet, this week will help you understand the basics.

And if you feel like this is too basic for you and would like to jump to week 2 right away, you can just contact them and they’ll give you access to the next unit.

Week 2: Composition and Light

In your second week, you’ll be going over a few basic, fundamental, must-remember tips on composition and how to deal with (challenging) light.

For example:

You’ll learn about one of the most important rules of composition – rule of thirds.

This rule requires that you to break an image into three equal parts either vertically, horizontally, or both. And then, the goal is to place key compositional elements into those thirds.

One of the images Laurence used as an example was this one:

Laurence Norah using this photo as an example how to use “the rule of thirds” in composition.

With the grid, you can see how he’s composed the image: one-third land and two-thirds sky, while the plane on the left is on the left-hand grid line, close to the intersection of two lines.

(By the way, placing subjects on the intersecting points will naturally draw your viewer’s eye to them.)

Using the rule of thirds is a great starting point for a good composition.


Laurence will teach you how to set up your camera to enable a grid over the preview screen of your camera, so you can train your eye and use this rule of composition successfully.

Week 3: Managing and Editing Your Work

I’ll be honest:

When it comes to photos, being organized and editing them are one of my most weakest points. If you’re like me, then this unit will be super useful for you.

So, in week 3, you’ll have tutorials on:

  • how to edit your photos,
  • how to organize your photos the right way, and,
  • how to store/save your files.

(Believe me, being organized is just as important as knowing how to edit your photos!)


Here’s one of the example photos that Laurence used to show how to turn ordinary images into surreal painting-like scenes using GIMP editor:

Editing photos is one of the things you'll learn in Nomadic Matt photography course.
Laurence teaching how to apply the “dream smoothing” filter in GIMP editor.

Week 4: Compact Cameras and Mobile Photography

Remember how I said earlier that you don’t need a fancy DSLR to start photography?

Laurence realizes that people might be shooting with good ol’ point-and-shoot (compact) cameras or even their smartphones only.

So, he’s added a separate unit exactly on that.


  • compact camera tips and advice,
  • the basics and the advanced tricks of mobile photography, and,
  • how to edit your photos on your smartphone.

Pretty awesome, IMHO.

Week 5: Advanced Photography Techniques, Part I

Now that you’ve learned about the basics of photography, from this week, you’ll start to learn about the advanced techniques that you’ll need to know.

In week 5, Laurence covers flash and HDR photography.

Week 6: Advanced Photography Techniques, Part II

Nikon D750 review 2019: Excellent image quality in low-light (sample photo).
Nikon D750 · 20.0mm · ƒ/1.8 · 15/1s · ISO 50

Once you master flash and HDR photography, in week 6, you’ll learn about:

  • astrophotography, and,
  • night photography.

Truth is…

Astrophotography and night photography are nothing like your regular day photography. There are a lot of nuances that you’ll need to know to shoot really awesome photos in these genres.

In this unit you’ll learn about the importance of:

  • using a tripod,
  • shooting in manual mode,
  • using larger apertures at night, 

… just to name a few. 


==> If you’re interested in night photography ONLY, here’s the course I highly recommend.

Week 7: Advanced Photography Techniques, Part III

In week 7, you’ll learn about:

  • long-exposure photography, and,
  • timelapse.

Personally, this is an area I need to master. And I’m happy these topics were included in the course.

Week 8: The Business of Photography


One of the exciting units for sure.

Once you’ll master photography and start taking awesome photos, you’ll feel like you’re ready to make money with your passion.

The question is…


At the end of the course, Laurence will share his personal experience and tips on how to succeed with your photography business.

You’ll learn about:

  • how much to charge for your photo masterpieces,
  • how to promote your business, and,
  • how to really succeed at it.

Truth is…

There are a lot of ways that photographers can make money with, you just need proper guidance to build your business the right way.

And Laurence will deliver.

==> Click here to learn how to take those breathtaking photos you’ve always wanted and how to CRUSH IT with your photography business.

Other Courses in Nomadic Matt Media School

Here’s the good news…

Photography course isn’t the only one you’ll find in Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Media School.

There are other awesome courses that you can get into if you want to start growing your online business, turning your passion into an income stream, while living your dream life and helping others in the process. 

Here they are:

Superstar Blogging School Courses:

1) Master the Business of Blogging

  • a 10-week program taught by Nomadic Matt himself.

2) How to Make Money as a Travel Writer

  • a 6-week program by an award winning travel David Farley.

3) The Art of Travel Vlogging

  • a massive course instructed by two big travel influences on YouTube: Nadine Sykora from Hey Nadine and Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe.

For me personally, getting into YouTube is the next goal, so, I’ll likely go with the “Art of Travel Vlogging” course.

(And when I do, I’ll write a review on it for you).

Alternative Photography Courses

When I recommend certain courses, it’s usually the ones I really trust.

If you want to have alternative options, I suggest you look at Digital Photography School courses, which include the following:

  • 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer (join waitlist right now).
  • Landscape & Nature Photography Course
  • Night Photography
  • Photo Nuts and Bolts Course
  • Photo Nuts and Shots Course
  • Lightroom Mastery
  • Lightroom Mastery: People & Portraits

I also have a separate review on it that I wrote a while ago.

==> Click here to read it.

Nomadic Matt Photography Course (Review)

I think I covered the major points that you’ll need to know about Nomadic Matt photography course with Laurence Norah as your instructor.

(As I go through the course myself and have some additional thoughts, I’ll keep updating this review.)


I’d like to hear from YOU:

  • What is your current skill level, are you a complete beginner or you have experience?
  • What is your favourite photography genre?
  • What do you think of my review on How to Become a Travel Photographer course?

Do you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions?

Let me know in the comments below!

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