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11 Best Gloves for Photographers Right Now: Keep Your Hands Warm This Winter!

11 Best Photography Gloves (2020-2021)

Welcome to my list of the 11 best photography gloves for winter 2020-2021!

Shooting out in the cold… Brrr, you know the feeling.

Truth is:

In the wintertime you can’t hold your camera gear with bare hands (if you don’t want to freeze your fingers off). But you also can’t rely on regular winter or electric heated gloves because they’ll likely interfere with your shooting process/camera control.

So, what’s the solution?

Luckily for us, there are plenty of photography-friendly options on the market right now. And in here, I have a list of the 11 best winter gloves for photographers in 2020-2021.

I mean… 

Specifically for photographers.

Here’s an overview of what to expect here today:


These products have the flip back finger caps and/or touchscreen fingertips, and a design that’s convenient for camera management (or anything else you do outdoors).

Bottom line:

When shooting outdoors this winter, you’ll be warm and, more importantly, have the tactile control you need to operate a camera.

Alright, let’s dive in.

Best Photography Gloves 2021 (My Video)

I started a YouTube channel this year, so I created a video with my top 5 picks as well:

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1) Palmyth Flexible Gloves (Editor’s Choice)

Here’s the truth:

Originally, when I just created this article, I placed Palmyth fourth in my list.


Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves Warm for Men and Women Cold Weather Insulated Water Repellent Great for Ice Fishing Fly Fishing Photography Motorcycling Running Shooting Cycling (Black/Grey, Small)

After seeing a LOT of my blog readers buy this particular product, I realized that it’s hugely popular among photographers and I decided that it deserves a #1 spot here.

So far no one had complaints and for good reason.

I mean, there are truly a lot of things to like about these flexible gloves. 


  1. They are “convertible” that are great for many sports/outdoor activities in the cold.
  2. They also have a water-repellent fabric and good build quality.
  3. Suitable for mildly cold weather conditions.


Unlike many products in this list, Palmyth gloves are a lot cheaper.

(Doesn’t mean they are bad quality though!)

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves Warm for Men and Women Cold Weather Insulated Water Repellent Great for Ice Fishing Fly Fishing Photography Motorcycling Running Shooting Cycling (Black/Grey, Large)

Anyway, let’s talk more about what you’ll love about this product.

What you might like about this product:

I think the following…

  • water-resistant and windproof
  • removable index, thumb and middle finger tips to ensure dexterity
  • the finger caps attach to the back with metal buttons
  • plush fleece backing for better in thermal insulation
  • well stretchable and durable
  • a bit of leather material in palm ensures better grip of the camera 
  • great for mildly cold weather (36ºF/2.2ºC or warmer) 

Best of all?

The price tag of this pair is under $35

(Note: Amazon prices are subject to change!)

Now that we’ve established the things you’ll love about this Palmyth product, let’s discuss the things you might not like.

What you might not like about this product:


  1. While this pair has a water-repellent fabric, it won’t save you from heavy rain/snow.
  2. Not suitable for extremely cold winters.

This is pretty much the biggest downsides I found.

Palmyth Glove Size Chart


If you decide to purchase this pair, here’s the guide to make sure you get the right size:

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves Warm for Men and Women Cold Weather Insulated Water Repellent Great for Ice Fishing Fly Fishing Photography Motorcycling Running Shooting Cycling (Black/Grey, Large)

Certainly One of the Best Options for Photographers

I think these gloves are underrated. 

They are certainly photographer-friendly, which ensure that:

  • your hands/fingers stay warm,
  • you are comfortable when holding your gear (grip, dexterity etc),

Not to mention that they are highly affordable too.

==> See the review of Palmyth flexible gloves here.

2) Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 for Outdoor Activities

Vallerret gloves are unique.


Because they were created for winter photographers BY photographers.

Markhof Pro 2.0 are one of the newest offerings by Vallerret. (Designed specifically for cold weather conditions.)

Truth is:

It’s a great glove for winter photography without compromising on functionality or style.

Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 - Best Winter Gloves for Photographers in 2019

What you might like about this product:

What exactly is there to love about this product?


The main features worth mentioning:

  • 100% Merino wool liner to provide a great level of  warmth,
  • top quality materials used (like goat leather and suede) for extra protection,
  • FlipTech finger caps help with full access to camera dials and buttons,
  • rubberized non-slip grip ensures your gear doesn’t slip out of your hand,
  • SD card pockets on the back of each hand (with a zipper).

Awesome, indeed.

I mean it’s a very well-thought out design and construction…

Don’t you agree? 

Pro TipYou may try to add small hand warmers in those SD card pockets to keep your hands even more warm during cold days.

Keep shooting in the cold with these gloves designed specifically for photographers!

Check out my video review below:

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What you might not like about this product:

Only one thing:

  • Due to its design, you won’t have much finger dexterity (in case you’ll need precision).


This glove is designed for every day use in mid winter.

If you want alternative options for deep winter or, let’s say, arctic photography, then you may want to consider Ipsoot photography gloves instead.

(Produced by the same company.)

Thoughts: Sweet Photography Gloves for Mid Winter

Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 are:

  • stylish,
  • warm and comfortable, 
  • make it very easy to work with a camera.

Without a doubt:

These are one of the best gloves for photography outdoors.

I’m fairly certain you’ll never miss a shot this winter, whether you shoot in the streets or the peaks. *wink-wink*

Keep in mind that as of now they are available on the official site, Amazon US and UK only.

Still in doubts?

I encourage you to read my full review on Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 here.

3) Vallerret Ipsoot Photography Gloves

Oh, here’s another good product from Vallerret, a sibling of the aforementioned Markof 2.0.

But just why are they so popular?

Aside from the fact that they are specially designed for photographers, they also do perform well under cold weather, especially this Ipsoot model.

The thing is:

Ipsoot camera gloves have similar features to its sibling, but with a little twist. It is a warmer model (and a bit bulkier too) so it’s best for deep winters. It gives you that extra warmth to keep you going even during the coldest of days.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Vallerret Ipsoot Winter Photography Glove (Medium)

What you might like about this product:

So, what’s in this product that made me include it in the list?

There are quite a lot of good features worth noting, for example:

  • Rubberized palm imprints for a better grip
  • Goatskin leather for premium feel and robust quality
  • 100% Merino Wool inner layer with added Thinsulate membrane for better insulation
  • FlipTech finger caps that allows you to interact with camera dials, buttons and screen as swiftly as possible
  • Jersey cuffs for a more snug fit and to secure warmth inside the gloves
  • Stash pockets for small items like SD cards or small hand warmers for those who feel extra chilly
  • Built in lens wipe at the back of the thumb for easier access

Isn’t this really something?

Well, if I may just add, this pair comes in classic black color, so it would go well with any type of winter outfit you wear (for photographers who want to look in style).

With this Vallerret glove model, you can go on just about shooting wonderful winter moments in colder weather conditions without freezing your hands to the bone.

What you might not like about this product:

Can’t say anything bad about the Ipsoot glove model. But there’s one thing that you might find a bit of a drawback with this model.

  • Doesn’t offer as much dexterity as glove liners do

But wait…

I’d like to elaborate more on this because personally, I think this is just a matter compromising a bit of hand dexterity for extra comfort.

Naturally, some photographers would want a glove that actually lets them control and grip the camera as they normally would with bare hands. However, if you want that much hand mobility, then there’s always a trade-off with the level of warmth you can get.

If there’s one thing I really commend about Vallerret is that they may have compromised a little hand dexterity for this product, but they made up for it by introducing flip finger caps and added insulation.

Very Decent Choice for Deep Winters

Vallerret Ipsoot photography gloves are:

  • very warm,
  • comfortable and easy to put on,
  • has a good grip to hold your camera and gears

True enough:

This pair is an amazing choice for photographers. It lets you do your job without making you feel super cold, making the process a whole lot easier and bearable.

If you are excited about going outdoors during deep winters, then this Vallerret product is definitely a must have item.

==> Read my full review here.

4) Heat 3 Smart Gloves (Best for Extreme Winter)

Without a doubt, this is one of my top picks.

This pair offers photographers an extremely warm protection from cold weather.

I mean…

They are really designed for brutal winter conditions and are used not only for photography but also winter sports activities you enjoy outdoors.

Fact is:

This product was originally designed for Special Forces for its grip, dexterity and warmth.

The only difference is that Heat 3 Smart gloves are:

  • touchscreen compatible,
  • genuine leather pads on the palm to keep them rugged,
  • have more insulation (therefore are more warm).

How cool is that?

==> Read the full review of Heat 3 Smart here.

What you might like about this product:

I know that this product is a bit pricey, but it certainly is well constructed.

High end materials and thoughtful design make these gloves:

  • breathable,
  • waterproof,
  • warm and comfortable,
  • great tactile control and grip to hold your camera,
  • and, of course, the ability to touch the screen without taking them off.


Hand warmers come in handy for photographers. Put them in the inner glove, should you need more warmth. (Will last 10+ hours.)

What you might not like about this product:

Two things you definitely should keep in mind are:

  1. It’s high price tag.
  2. These aren’t fingerless/half-finger so, for example, turning rotational dials on a camera might be a bit difficult.

(Still possible though).

Choosing the Right Size

To have the correct size, you need to take a tape and measure the circumference of your hand (not too firm) and then follow this guide:

A size chart for Heat 3 Smart gloves for winter photographers

Best Photography Gloves for Harsh Winter Conditions


These are amazing if you’re shooting in subzero temperature (hmm, arctic photography comes to mind here).

Bottom line:

Heat 3 Smart certainly is one of the best options for winter photographers. 

I created a video review of the Heat 3 Smart layer system as well, so check out the video below as to why as a winter photographer you might want these Austrian gloves.

5) FRDM Cold Weather Gloves

FRDM Midweight Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women Windproof Water Repellent Thumb & Index Caps Great for Photography Fishing Hiking Skiing Shooting Outdoor Activities

Truth is:

FRDM Gear is a rather young company that started its growth in 2017 and within a short period of time they managed to gain insane popularity among winter photography enthusiasts.


Because these midweight gloves are of decent quality and simply retain dexterity for using your fingers when photographing.

(Which is pretty much the most important thing.)

Below is my video review of FRDM gloves, the Free Fit model:

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What you might like about this product:


Here are the main things you’ll love:

  • high build quality
  • weatherproof
  • touchscreen compatible
  • easy to remove finger and thumb caps
  • under $50 

… Just to name a few.

Best of all?

Not only are these convertible gloves great for photography in the cold, but also hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing etc.

FRDM is definitely a great choice for avid outdoors people.

But like anything else in the world, this product isn’t perfect.

So let’s look at its disadvantages.

What you might not like about this product:

First of all:

While this pair is great for cold weather outdoor activities, don’t use them if it’s less than 40ºF (5ºC) out if you don’t want to freeze your fingers off.


They aren’t insulated in the same way as ski gloves are for example. However do keep in mind that it comes with 3 layers, so you’ll be warm as long as it’s 40+ ºF temperature.

(To be honest, for me personally these cons aren’t a deal breaker.)

FRDM Sizing Guide

First, you should determine the circumference.

  • To do that, measure around your dominant hand at the widest part of the palm (see image above).

Then, you need to determine the length.

  • To do that, measure the length of your dominant hand from the base of your palm at the wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

Finally, use the larger of the 2 measurements (in inches) to select your glove size below:

My Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, today, FRDM are one of the best photography gloves for cold weather shooting.

(No wonder why it made my top 5 list.)

Good news:

This product comes with a 1 year warranty should these have any defects (within the normal scope of use).

Point is… This product is certainly worth considering for 2021.

6) Vital Salveo Fingerless Winter Gloves 

Here’s the deal:

Vital Salveo with bamboo charcoal and germanium fiber is part of the 3WARM series that are designed in a way to keep you warm and comfortable during those chilly winter days. 

These are half-finger type gloves which means that you can easily work with your camera or anything else.

(And then cover your fingers with the mitten cover whenever needed).

And just like the first two items on this list, Vital Salveo are water resistant and windproof.

Vital Salveo- Outdoor 3WARM Unisex Half Finger Gloves Windproof Non Slip Fingerless Fleece Gloves (Wind Red, Medium)

What you might like about this product:

What will you like about this product?

Here’s what:

  • soft and warm,
  • the sandwich concept design,
  • half finger gloves = good performance during winter photography,
  • the magnet will hold the mitten part,
  • windproof,

… Just to name a few.

And what you might not like about this product?

What you might not like about this product:


  1. While Vital Salveo are water repellent, they are not fully waterproof.
  2. Suitable for mildly cold winter, not recommended in extreme weather conditions.

(Pretty much similar to items #3 and #4 on this list.)

My Final Thoughts

These gloves are great for most cold weather activities, whether its hiking, skiing, or even outdoor work.

Truth is:

Vital Salveo offer high quality products, so I definitely recommend checking out Vital Salveo for outdoor cold weather photography in 2021.

7) TrailHeads Power Stretch Convertible Mittens

Here’s the thing:

TrailHeads mittens are pretty popular among photographers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. 

And it’s not surprising given its versatility, comfort, and well-thought out design.

I will say more:

Stephanie Raftery, the founder of TrailHeads company, is committed to making her customers happy.

So… if you were to order this pair and aren’t satisfied, you can return them whenever.

(No fine print, no time limit.)

TrailHeads Womens Power Stretch Convertible Mittens,small/medium, Black

What you might like about this product:


Here’s what you’ll love about these gloves for photographers:

  • they are thermal,
  • slits at the end of each finger with a cozy mitten cover,
  • it’s made of Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric for extra protection,
  • not only can you do photography, but also enjoy aerobic activities outdoors,
  • has reflective strips for enhanced visibility.

Very cool.

I truly believe you’ll like the way these are designed.

But let’s discuss the things you might NOT like about this particular product.

What you might not like about this product:


Here are the things you should keep in mind:

  • they are not windproof or waterproof,
  • some people find them not to be durable enough,
  • not warm for extremely cold weather, definitely will work for fall or spring-like weather.

Truth is:

These gloves are designed for active wear but certainly can’t be used for standalone used during cold winters. 

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the proper size certainly is easy with TrailHeads.

Refer to the guide below:

TrailHeads Womens Power Stretch Convertible Mittens,small/medium, Black

Easy, right?

My Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, these gloves aren’t designed for extremely cold weather conditions but I certainly love them for a number of reasons.

These cute convertible mittens are for you if you like activities outdoors in a mildly cold weather.


The button below send you to photography gloves FOR WOMEN (because it has more Amazon reviews that you can read).

Here’s the link to TrailHeads Mittens FOR MEN(Or simply use Amazon’s search bar.)

8) RucPac Professional Tech Gloves

I will say this:

RucPac company strives to bring the gloves for using tech equipment on location, whether it’s a camera, a smartphone, a laptop, or anything else.

This product isn’t supposed to be used if it’s extremely cold outside but it certainly has its benefits.

Let’s discuss them.

RucPac Professional Tech Gloves (Medium/Large)

What you might like about this product:

I think it’s the following…

  • they are light and elegant,
  • warm and comfortable,
  • offer maximized dexterity,
  • touchscreen compatible,
  • weather resistant,

… Just to name a few.

Oh, RucPac also have rubberized palms for a strong grip of your camera.

(Last thing we want is for it to slip through your fingers!)

What you might not like about this product:


  1. Thumb and pointer finger tips aren’t cut off.
  2. The build quality is pretty good but not as good as previously mentioned gloves.
  3. As you might’ve guessed already, these aren’t the ones that will help you during an extremely cold weather.

(Do keep this in mind.)

RucPac Professional Tech Gloves (Medium/Large)

What About Sizing?

Unlike previous products, you won’t have to measure anything.

RucPac product comes in 2 unisex medium/large and small sizes but it has stretchy material so it’s unlikely that you order a wrong pair size.

My Final Thoughts

RucPac does a good job providing good sensory feedback whatever technology you’re using.

I mean you can text, you can write, you can shoot, do photography and so forth.

And if you’re looking for elegant gloves for non-extremely cold days, these are for you.

9) Palmyth Neoprene Gloves

This pair is similar to #2 on the list (by the same company) with a few differences.

For example:

  1. They have 2 cut fingers, instead of 3.
  2. Less warm.
  3. This Palmyth glove model aren’t as cold weather insulated as the ones I mentioned earlier.

Also, I think they are less stylish too.

(If you care about that.)

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves for Men and Women 2 Cut Fingers Flexible Great for Photography Fly Fishing Ice Fishing Running Touchscreen Texting Shooting Hiking Jogging Trekking Cycling Walking

What you might like about this product:


Its main features:

  • removable thumb and index fingers to retain dexterity
  • breathable neoprene material
  • durable, windproof, and water-resistant
  • Velcro wrist
  • artificial leather ensures a good grip

Last but not least:

They are certainly inexpensive!

What you might not like about this product:

While this product receives good feedback, there are a few things you might not like about them.


  • not fully waterproof,
  • OK for mild weather days but won’t work for deep cold winter weather,
  • not everyone will like the neoprene material.

Other than that, this pair is pretty good.

Palmyth Size Chart

Should you choose to buy Palmyth products, refer to this chart to make sure you get the right size:

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves for Men and Women 2 Cut Fingers Flexible Great for Photography Fly Fishing Ice Fishing Running Touchscreen Texting Shooting Hiking Jogging Trekking Cycling Walking

My Last Thoughts

I will say this:

The way these gloves were designed for MANY outdoor activities, including photography, hunting, (kayak) fishing, hiking, shooting etc.

Best of all?

It costs around $20. These are definitely the one of the cheapest ones you’ll find, though I can’t speak for its extremely high quality.

(Note: Amazon prices are subject to change!!)

10) Pro Angler Slit Finger Gloves


While these neoprene gloves were originally designed for fishing, they certainly are photographer-friendly. 

Why is that?

Because they…

  • have a good grip,
  • have cut thumb and index fingers,
  • will keep your hands pretty warm.

As you can see, this product does meet basic requirements for photography out in the cold.

Pro Angler, Medium

What you might like about this product:

Features worth mentioning are…

  • 2 mm fleece lined neoprene,
  • have pre-curved fingers,
  • slit finger design (makes it easy to manipulate camera controls),
  • waterproofness except at the slits of course,
  • Velcro wrist band.


While I personally never went to Antarctica or Alaska photo expedition, a few wildlife photographers confirmed that Pro Angler product worked great for them. 

What you might not like about this product:


What are the things you might not like about this pair?

I will mention a few cons:

  • certainly not suitable for EXTREME cold weather conditions,
  • neoprene material might not appeal to everyone,
  • they are pre-formed.

And if you’re a Canadian like me, then you might want to consider Heat3 Smart or Vallerret Ipsoot photography gloves instead.

Glacier Glove Size Guide

As before, you need to establish your hand circumference. Then refer to the guide below:

Size guide for Pro Angler gloves (for photography in the winter).

My Final Thoughts

Personally, I’d go with with other glove choices for a number of reasons.


If you like fishing as much as you do photography (in the cold and in the rain), these gloves might be your best choice.

11) AquaTech Sensory Gloves

I will be honest:

This is my least favourite product. I just don’t really like them much.


I know it’s widely used among winter photographers, so I decided to be objective and still add it to this list.

The main advantages of using these is that they:

  • have index and thumb finger holes,
  • are slightly waterproof,
  • are warm enough for mildly cold weather.

(They are pricey though for what they offer.)

Aquatech Sensory Gloves for Easy Access to Camera or Phone in Winter Weather, Size: Large 8

What you might like about this product:

Main features:

  • water-repellent
  • insulation layers
  • high tech fleece lining
  • silicone nubbed palm (for better grip)
  • adjustable wrist lanyards

Let’s discuss the things you might not like about these gloves.

What you might not like about this product:

  • too expensive while not offering that much
  • non-durable
  • not a good choice for extremely cold winters
  • not a high level of comfort and warmth

No wonder why I don’t like them much.

But don’t let my subjectivity get in the way! AquaTech gloves certainly are used by many people for outdoor photography.

Aquatech Sensory Gloves for Easy Access to Camera or Phone in Winter Weather, Size: Large 8

My Final Thoughts

To be honest a $50 price tag isn’t reasonable for this particular product.

There are a lot better gloves for photography in the winter that offer better design and overall level of warmth and comfort.

Truth is:

It’s one of those products where they have a great idea but less than great execution. 

Tips in Buying Winter Gloves for Photographers

Here are some things that you should know before buying photography gloves this year:

Balance between dexterity and warmth

Since as photographers you will need  as much dexterity as you can get, you should consider buying one that offers the most hand mobility. However, you should also check whether this extra dexterity greatly compromises the level of warmth it can provide. Because if it does, then it just forfeits the whole point of putting on winter gloves.


This is also an important factor to consider if you want to buy winter photography gloves. As much as possible, get a pair that fits snugly, not too tight and not too loose. And while you’re at it, choose one that has adjustable cuffs. This will be so much better even if you manage to get one size bigger. It will at least help seal in the heat inside. Plus, it will keep the cold wind out.

Good ergonomics and grip

If you don’t want to accidentally drop your camera and other photography gears, then you better think about this factor when buying a pair.

Cameras are already very expensive, so breaking it because of a low quality glove wouldn’t give it justice. So before you decide on buying a pair, you should always check whether it comes with a non-slip feature. This will help keep your camera safe and sound while doing outdoor shots.

And one more thing, make sure it has good ergonomics, otherwise it will only interfere with your session. Aside from slowing you down, a glove without great ergonomics will not feel right no matter how you adjust it.

Protection Against the Wind

When it comes to keeping your hands warm, wind can really cool your hands down fast, even if it is not too cold out. This is why having gloves that have a solid exterior made out of a material that won’t let the wind through is essential.

When it comes down to it, the best material for this is leather. Moreover, if you buy leather gloves, you automatically have windproof and water-resistant gloves; leather is an excellent material in this sense.


In case you did not know, some gloves have zippers, which can come in quite handy in some situations. As a photographer, you may need to take your gloves off to operate your camera at times.

Zippers can make it much easier to put your gloves on and to take them off quickly. This is fine, but you want waterproof zippers. Not all zippers are waterproof, and if they aren’t, if it rains or snows, your hands will get wet, thus rendering the gloves useless.

An Interior Lining

A material like leather is excellent for the gloves’ exterior because it offers excellent protection against wind and moisture.

However, it really doesn’t hold in the heat all that well. This means that you want gloves that have an interior lining, something made out of a material like fleece, wool, or microfiber, as well as PrimaLoft and Thinsulate.

You need gloves with an inner lining because the leather itself won’t retain heat very well, but these materials will.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Almost all phones are touchscreen, as are very many cameras you might use.

For this reason, finding a pair of gloves that allow you to use a touchscreen without having to take them off can come in very handy; you don’t want to take your gloves off every time you go to change settings or take a picture with your camera.


Do Leather Gloves Keep Hands Warm?

Although leather gloves look fancy, they really don’t do all that much to hold in the warmth. Leather is an excellent material for wind protection; it blocks wind well, which works toward keeping your hands warm.

If you go outside in the winter with relatively thin pants, you might feel OK, but as soon as the wind hits you, it cuts right through the fabric and saps the warmth from you. Because leather gloves offer significant protection against wind, they help to keep you warm in this sense.

However, leather itself does not hold heat well, which means that leather gloves don’t really keep your hands warm in general. That said, most leather gloves also have an interior lining.

This interior lining can be made of various materials designed to hold in heat, wick away moisture, and provide a soft glove interior. These materials can be wool, fleece, Thinsulate, and others.

The bottom line is that wearing leather gloves is better than not wearing any gloves at all, particularly on a windy day. However, if the temperature is very low and the gloves do not have some kind of inner lining for warmth, your hands will probably get cold.

Is Leather Warmer than Wool?

When it comes down to it, in terms of retaining the heat coming from your hands, leather is not warmer than wool. Wool is a soft fabric, and when it is woven the right way, it can form quite a thick layer that can hold in heat. Because leather is not soft or porous, it doesn’t retain heat very well.

However, wool also has its downsides, with the biggest one being that it doesn’t offer any wind protection. If you just wear wool gloves, that cold wind will undoubtedly cut right through to your skin. There is also the fact that wool does not repel moisture but instead absorbs it; if your wool gloves get wet, your hands will immediately get cold.

The best way to go is with a pair of combination leather and wool gloves that have a solid leather exterior for wind and moisture protection, as well as an interior wool lining for heat retention. If you want windproof and water-resistant gloves, the exterior needs to be made out of a leather-like material.

Choosing The Right Photography Gloves

I know that some photographers prefer glove liners with touchpad sensitive finger tips (like lightweight Aegend, for example).


Keep in mind that those won’t save you when it’s minus 30 degrees outside, and they might not be the best choice when holding your camera gear.


The aforementioned products do a great job keeping your hands warm when doing photography (or any other winter activities you participate in).

Gloves are certainly the cold weather photography gear that you should buy.

I mean how else to keep your hands warm during winter shooting?


I really hope you found a pair of gloves that suits your needs best.

Best Cold Weather Photography Gloves (2021)


I’d like to hear from YOU:

  • Have you tried any of these products from this list?
  • Did you enjoy this list of top rated photography gloves for 2021?

Any comments? Suggestions? Recommendations?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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