5 Highly Useful Travel Gadgets Under $50 (Totally Worth Buying in 2018)

5 Best travel gadgets in 2018 (that all gadget lovers and travelers will find useful).

I have a confession to make.

I love travel as much as I love digital technology and photography.

That is why in today’s short list of goodies under $50, we will talk about best gadgets that will definitely be useful for travelers.

Without further ado, here is what to expect in this post:

Best Travel Gadgets Under $50 for 2018

  • Power Bank
  • Security Portable Door Alarm
  • Luggage Tracker
  • Smartphone Tripod
  • Waterproof Passport Wallet

Let’s start with power banks.

Power Bank: The Best Gadget for Every Situation

In today’s world not too many people leave the house without a power bank, whether it is for 2 hours of shopping or a mini trip to a local city. 

For regular travelers, this gadget is a real godsend.

I will list the main cases when you’ll need a power bank in travel:

1). Long flights

  • You can use a smartphone at the airport, on the plane, and upon your arrival to a destination.

2). A long journey, when you’re on your feet for the whole day or don’t get to sleep at all in a hotel. 

  • Sometimes there is no way to charge all your devices once a day. 
  • Lots of travelers face a similar problem with long journeys on a bus when traveling for the whole night or day.

3). As a backup source. 

  • It so happens that in inexpensive hotels there is only one outlet, and it’s easier to charge the devices from an external battery in the evening, and leave it for the whole night. 
  • You really don’t want to jump out of your bed in the middle of the night just to switch your devices for charging.

4) Hiking tours. 

  • Typically, you can go on for 1-2 weeks without recharging and the only solution is in power banks.

This being said, which power bank to choose?

You won’t make a mistake going with Xaiomi as your brand choice. They tend to make great power banks.

For example, you can get a portable charger that costs under $30 with the capacity of 10,000 mAh. (But there are more capatious options too).

However, for hardcore travel, you may need a more reliable version:

  • waterproof,
  • with a flashlight,
  • and the ability to get charged from sunlight.

On Amazon you can find many options suitable for such that, but most well-reviewed is the Hiluckey Solar Power Bank.

It has everything mentioned plus it has a small compass that you’ll find useful when camping or other outdoor activities. 

Portable Door Alarm: The Best Security for Your Buck

When I learned about this, I was amazed.

We live in such a great time when everything is made for us.

If during travel you often stop at roadside hotels and other sketchy places, this portable door alarm will allow you to sleep peacefully and not be afraid that someone will quietly enter your room.

How does this gadget work?

Security portable door alarm is a motion-triggered technology so as soon as the door opens, the beep will turn on, and the flashlight will start flashing.

The loudness of this very sound signal will be as much as 95 dB (like the noise in the subway car while driving).

All you need to do is mount it on the door and turn it on.

This is definitely the best security for your buck that you’ll ever see. 

Luggage Tracker: Keep Your Possessions in Sight

For under $50 you can buy a very useful gadget for tracking luggage called Trakdot.

All you have to do is put this Trackdot device in your luggage, and your smartphone will always display its exact location coordinates.

Well, almost always.

To save battery, the gadget will be turned off during the flight.

Trakdot understands this thanks to the built-in accelerometer and works with the regular, old-school batteries.

According to the manufacturer, this thing will be able to track the location even in metal structures, cars, hard cases and cargo compartments of aircraft. 

And then the data is sent over the cellular network.

Now, it has its limitations but if you are looking for tech gadgets under $50, then this is one of the best ones you will find.

Smartphone Tripod for Unique Instagram Photos

Loha tripod for smartphones is one of the best and useful gadgets for travellers in 2018.

If you have no trip photos on Instagram, then you were not on a trip!

That’s why before going anywhere, it would be nice to get a tripod on flexible legs and take awesome vacation images.

I was doubting between the popular Joby tripods and the Loha tripods, which seem to be better overall.

I decided to include Loha brand because its legs are covered in rubbery material and have more grip. 

(Multiple user reviews confirmed it too).

Basically, this tripod will allow you to install your smartphone almost anywhere and on any, even uneven, surface: trees, fences, benches, whatsoever. 

This gadget sure will get you creative and take unique photos for your social media pages.

Waterproof Passport Wallet – The Most Important Things Are Always Safe With You!

Personally, I never leave my house without money.

And on any trip, nothing is more important than your money and your ID’s. You can lose anything you want and don’t want, BUT these.

If you are a constant traveler, you must make sure to not to drown your documents, cards and money, wherever you are.

That’s why I advise you to acquire a waterproof passport wallet.

You can get one from Flynova, or any other brand as long as it is constructed of high-density nylon fabric and is completely waterproof.

Over to You: What Are Your Thoughts on These 5 Travel Gadgets Under $50?

So this was a pretty short article on 5 gadgets for travelers that I find useful and which cost less than $50. 

What are thoughts?

Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any other suggestions/advice? 

Let us know in the comments below! (Click to get directed straight to comment form).

P.S. A month ago I wrote a list of the 5 best tech gadgets under $100 that you might want to check out too. It was written for Valentine’s Day holiday but really it’ll work for anyone who’s a gadget lover.


5 Highly Useful Travel Gadgets Under $50 (Totally Worth Buying in 2018)
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