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Ororo Heated Jacket: Signs You’re Buying the Right Winter Gear (Review)

Ororo Heated Jacket Review

Welcome to my Ororo heated jacket review for winter 2020-2021!

You see:

Cold weather can be pretty overwhelming at times. Though most days it’s bearable, there are days when it seems like it’s just too harsh for your skin and entire body.

When this happens, you need to be prepared so that all your outdoor activities push through no matter the weather. And a good heated outerwear is one important piece of protection that you shouldn’t forget in times like this.

Having said that…

In today’s Ororo heated jacket review, we will figure out whether it’s a good winter gear to invest in or should we just skip it and look for other alternatives. Will it really protect you from the cold or is it just another overrated product released in the market?

Eager to find out? Let’s start.

Ororo Battery Heated Jacket: Overview

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack (Black/Blue, XL)

  • Brand: Ororo
  • Product Type: Battery powered thermal jacket
  • Materials Used: 100% Polyester outer shell
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
  • Charging Time: Overnight (or at least 8 hours)
  • Best For: Everyday use in cold weather
  • Price: Under $150

Ororo is a young company that specializes in creating heated clothing.

They manufacture outerwear that you can use any time of the year (not only in winter). Ever since they started production, they are constantly gaining popularity in the U.S and it’s not really surprising. The products are reasonably affordable and trustworthy.

That’s my personal opinion, though.

And hey, Ororo offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their products. In case you don’t find it useful or for whatever reason you want to return it, they will give back your money. Aside from that, they also have a 3-year warranty for the heating elements.

(Just double check the details from wherever website you’re buying from.)

Last thing…

Where to buy them online? Check the price and availability on:

(Note: They offer jackets for MEN and for WOMEN.)

Ororo Soft Shell Heated Jacket: Features

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack (Black/Blue, XL)

These are the set of features that come with an Ororo electric jacket:

  • Classic design

No one ever goes wrong wearing a classic design and that’s what Ororo wants you to feel.

This product looks like an ordinary one – thin, black, zip-up design. Since it’s not padded, it doesn’t look bulky and it’s actually lightweight. Also, the color is neutral so it easily matches to any outfit, making it your go-to fashion for cold days.

Oh, and did I mention that it comes with a removable hood?

Well, it does and it’s quite useful. On extremely cold days, you can attach it and have yourself some added protection from snow, rain, and the cold harsh wind.

  • Carbon fiber heating

This is one of the best heating systems for winter clothing. Ororo included 3 carbon fiber heating elements inside to make sure it covers a larger area. As a result, the warmth is evenly distributed across the entire garment.

Also, this kind of heating element still heats up very well even in low temperatures, and that’s exactly what you need.

  • Long lasting battery

The average run time of most heated jackets todays is around 5 to 6 hours, but Ororo lasts for up to 10 long hours. Plus, it quickly heats up in seconds.

On the lowest heat setting (20 – 100F), you can enjoy using this product for 10 hours tops. Ad based on what I’ve gathered, this setting is enough to make you feel warm on normal cold days. If you’re the type to easily get cold, turning it on high (121 – 130F) will only make it last for 3 hours.

  • Multipurpose

This product can be used for any type of activities, regardless of season. Remember that I mentioned it has a classic design? That’s one reason why you can use it any time of the year. Whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall, you can’t go wrong with this style.

When it comes to durability, it’s robust enough to withstand abuse and stress. This makes it great for both light winter activities and extreme cold weather sports.

  • USB port for charging mobile devices

Another commendable feature of this product is the inclusion of a USB charging port.

This is very useful for emergency purposes. Just imagine forgetting to charge your phone before a trip then you end up getting stuck somewhere away from your group. Instead of panicking, you can simply use the jacket’s battery pack as an emergency power bank.

  • Machine washable

One thing I really noticed with Ororo products is that they are durable enough to be classified as machine washable. This is a hassle free way of cleaning it without the risk of damaging it. Just don’t forget to remove the batteries before throwing them into the laundry.

Just a quick tip. Don’t tumble dry the jacket because that will only mess with the heating elements. It has already gone through a lot in the washer, please let it hang loose for drying.

==> Check the exact price and get more details here.

Electric Heated Jacket Buying Guide

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack (Black/Blue, XL)

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To further help you pick the right heated jacket this season, here’s a short buying guide for you. (By the way, this is also true for battery heated vests.)

  • Materials

When buying heated gear, it’s always smart to check what kind of materials they are made of. This will greatly affect the performance of your winter gears. As much as possible, you should only choose products made of high quality materials so that you will not regret your buying decision in the end.

For the outermost shell of the jacket, polyester is one of the best materials used these days. This is because of its high wind and water resistance. Remember this when you’re doing your shopping.

As for the inner layers, it would be great to find something soft so that your body not only feels warm but also comfortable while wearing the garment. One example of a good quality soft fabric is fleece or wool.

  • Size

The sizing matters a lot, believe it or not. Wearing one that’s oversized may look cool for some, but it somehow forfeits the purpose of using a body warmer. If it’s too loose, the cold wind will just enter between the jacket and your body.

On the other hand, wearing a size smaller would be too uncomfortable, trust me. Yes, it may feel a bit warmer since it hugs your torso tightly, but it could also limit your mobility.

Also, just a reminder that not all products follow standard sizing. Before you buy one, check if the manufacturer provided a size chart for the garments (especially for online purchases). This way, you can determine the right size for you.

  • Heating Elements

Of course, how can I not mention the most important part of any heated clothing?

Heating elements are the ones responsible for keeping you extra warm even when staying outdoors during winter time. Make sure the product you end up buying has this feature and not just extra layers of thick fabric sewn into one big puffy jacket.

Though those are also warm in itself, ones that come with heating elements are far better. You can control the amount of heat you want which goes beyond what these normal padded jackets can offer.

If you don’t know it yet, there are two types of heating elements that are used in electric powered warm jackets and vests. One is carbon heating, while the other uses far infrared technology. Any of these two are very good in keeping the garments warm all day long.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most major concerns when it comes to heated apparels. There are some who fear of getting electrocuted just by wearing something (outdoors) that has electronics in it. And that’s totally understandable.

But the thing is:

The heating elements in thermal clothing uses minimal voltage, not enough to electrocute the wearer. Normally, the voltage ranges from 5V to 12V so you don’t need to worry. It’s very safe to use.

  • Battery Life

This is another important feature you need to check before buying any heated gear. It should at least have a decent battery life to be able to keep you warm half of the day. Otherwise, it’s not a good investment really.

Normally, good battery life means being able to last for at least 5-6 hours on continuous usage (and this is probably on the lowest temperature setting).

  • Types of Activities (to Engage In)

There are different kinds of thermal jackets.

There’s one for daily lightweight activities, and there are others meant for extreme winter sports. Depending on which kind of activities you wish to partake in, your outerwear should also meet your needs.

However, for those who do not have any specific purpose or those who want one that can be used for many kinds of activities, there are actually some multipurpose heated jackets existing today. And one example is the Ororo electric heated jacket.

(Also, I encourage you to check out my list of the best heated jackets here.)

Ororo Heated Jacket: Final Thoughts

I admit, this product is far from perfect, and it’s not the best out there, but it deserves to bag the “best value for money” title. The price is not too expensive and the features are worth every penny of it.

If you are looking for a classic and all around heated outerwear but don’t want to spend too much, then this might be one of your best options. Just remember to check out the buying guide before buying one.

So, what do you think of this Ororo heated jacket review?

Let us know in the comments and happy holidays!

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