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How to Make a Photo Blog: An Easy, Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make a Photo Blog: An Easy, Step-by-Step Guide

Want to learn how to make a photo blog? A photography blog is an easy way to share your best shots and photography skills to anyone. With a photo blog, you can reach a wide range of audience who can help you jumpstart into the business of photography. It can also be a good portfolio for your photographs.

When it comes to photography blogging, there are many options and ways on how to do it. However, the basic rule is this: it should predominantly contain photographs. These photos can be your own, submitted by other users, grabbed from other sources, or a combination of the three.

How to Make a Photo Blog: A Guide for Beginners

Whether you are a new or professional photographer, here is how you can get started with a photo blog:

Choose a Platform

There are different platforms for photo blogging depending on your objectives. Do you want to showcase your own photos? Then, a platform that gives you more control over the use of your images is suitable. If you intend to curate images that are entertaining, the shareability of the platform should be considered.

Here are some of the top free web-based platforms for photography blogs:

  • This is a micro-blogging social platform that is very easy to set up, customize the templates, and has a big social functionality. Other Tumblr users can follow your blog, comment, and ask you questions, and even re-share your photos. Since it has a high shareability function, you have less control over attribution and use.
  • One of the most basic and easiest platforms to set up and use is Blogger. Blogger is Google’s blog platform that comes with features like templates, widgets, and photo sharing function.
  • If you want a high customization platform with low sharing capability, WordPress is the right platform for you.

Customize Your Chosen Platform

Think of the layout and design that suit your theme. Aside from that, you should also consider how you want the viewers to experience your blog. One effective technique to do it is to be consistent. The fonts, colors, and borders should be consistent with the overall design of your platform. Do not try to make it attractive by putting up different colors and changing fonts from time to time.

Here are some other ways to make consistent customization for your platform:

  • Your photographs should always be of the same dimension.
  • Have a regular posting schedule. Avoid spamming your followers but make sure that you regularly update so you can put up with the influx of your photographs.
  • Be consistent with the language that you use for your captions as well as any credits you make.
  • Avoid posting videos, audios, or text. Since it is a photo blog, these kinds of content will alter its appearance, user experience, and even your blog’s theme.

Endorse Your Photo Blog

There are several ways that will help you gain an audience and followers for your blog. Some of these proven techniques are:

  • Provide an avenue where your audience can participate in your blog. Consider putting up comments, questions, and other lines of communications to intensify audience engagement.
  • Do what you would like other users to do for you. This is the golden rule as applied to photo blogs. You can do it by featuring other photo bloggers or sharing their content in your own platform. They will likely return the favor, which can go a long way.
  • Monitor your photo blog. Observe what your followers like and alter your platform or posts accordingly. Determine your blog’s traffic, as well as which photos receive the most re-blogs and responses.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Photography blogging is a journey before it becomes successful and effective. It is like a trial-and-error experiment that involves some mistakes before you achieve your goals. In order to increase your blog’s success in a short time, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Starting Too Many Photo Blogs

Because you have too many million-dollar shots that you want to share and reach a wider range of audience, you attempt to create photo blogs using different platforms. Many promising photo bloggers have done this but failed. They end up stagnant and get neglected. It is better to have one awesome photo blog than more than two or three average blogs.

Creating a Photo Blog Without Really Knowing Your Objective

Having a vague idea for your photo blog will confuse you and your audience. It will also result in an inconsistent template and messy content. This is why it is very important to start a photo blog with clear objectives and outcomes in mind.

Forgetting to Give Value to Your Blog

People spend their time to visit and read your blog, so make sure that it is worth their time. Instead of posting photographs to show off your photography skills, do it because you want to give your audience a worthy experience. Try to share inspirational quotes, entertaining stories, or important knowledge in which they can relate to.

Why Having a Photography Blog Is Important

Having a successful, well-maintained photography blog has a lot of benefits. Among them are the following:

A Unique Way to Publish Your Works

There are a lot of ways to publish your photos online: posting them on social networks, sending them via e-mails, or sharing them in forums. However, a photo blog allows you to share your photos according to your personal preference.

A photo blog allows you to edit your blog’s layout, turn your photos into an interactive slideshow, create a 3D content, and so on. You can also add music that plays while your audience browses your content.

A Potential Way to Earn Money

When your photo blog gets a lot of traffic and gains a significant amount of readership, you can monetize it by allowing related products to be advertised on your blog. Partnering with companies, link-sharing with other blogs, and selling affiliate programs are different techniques on how your blog can earn income.

Most importantly, you can also sell your own products and services, which may include your photos, some personal photography tips, camera buying guidelines, and services.

Gives You the Impression of Professionalism

Having an official photography blog gives you the impression of professionalism, rather than posting your photos on Facebook and other social networks. It doesn’t mean, though, that you are better than other photographers. Therefore, it is important to improve your photography skills while you develop and maintain your blog.


Learning how to make a photo blog is a great way to share your art with the world. It is more or less free and requires only your effort and creativity. However, the most important thing that you need to invest in when creating a photo blog is courage. Courage to share a piece of you to strangers in hopes that you can inspire them with your photos.

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